We source fully ripe, seasonal produce that requires careful handling. To revolutionise the way it’s packed, we’ve put together our own team - bringing together design, produce management and food safety experts - to research and develop sustainable alternatives to plastic.
Plastic-Free Punnets

We have developed our own revolutionary packaging which is entirely plastic-free.

Each of our recyclable cardboard punnets is flow-wrapped with home-compostable film which, unlike traditional plastic flow-wrap, disintegrates within 180 days.

Each punnet bears the ‘Plastic Free’ mark of A Plastic Planet, a grassroots movement which aims to turn off the plastic tap.

Our pioneering development of this plastic-free packaging will remove over 1.5 million plastic punnets per year from Ocado alone. You’ll also find them in our stores, Waitrose and Wholefoods UK & USA.

Home-Compostable Bio-Nets

In 2018 we switched from plastic bags to bio-nets made entirely out of cellulose. This innovative material is created from the thinnings of sustainably-managed beechwood forests.

It is 100% bio-based, 100% biodegradable, 100% home compostable.

In 2019, this eliminated the use of over 700 000 plastic bags on Ocado alone. We also use these in partnership with Waitrose.

Please note that the label is not currently recyclable but we are investigating alternatives.

In Our Stores

Our stores represent our vision for a plastic-free consumer experience. Our radically seasonal fruits and vegetables are displayed loose and customers are encouraged to place produce directly into their basket.

We only offer recyclable paper bags and compostable pulp punnets used for smaller loose items such as mushrooms and berries. We also offer customers a weekly discount when they bring their own bag.

At Natoora Counter, all our takeaway packaging is plastic-free.

Our Wholesale Packaging

In 2018, we removed plastic punnets from our wholesale distribution, replacing them with fully compostable pulp punnets. A minimum of other packaging is used throughout the wholesale supply chain - most fruit & vegetables are sent out loose. All orders go out in the wooden crates that come in from our growers, repurposing packaging that would otherwise be thrown away. We then offer to collect these crates from customers on their next delivery run, to be used again the following day.

We’re testing:
  • Cellulose bioplastic bags to replace the remaining plastic in our supply chain. If testing goes well, these should be in place be spring 2020.
  • Alternatives to plastic for our Food To Go range. These require substantial testing to ensure that we meet our strict food safety standards and don’t ultimately create more food waste.
“Our mission is to completely revolutionise the food system, and we take a fairly pragmatic view as to how we can achieve meaningful change. We send over 2 million punnets through our partners both on and offline and realised this was the area of greatest impact. It would be naive to try to blow the entire system apart when you can have a much wider environmental impact by working alongside existing infrastructure.”
Franco Fubini, Founder & CEO