Natoora Home Deliveries app

On the Natoora app you must create an account, with a delivery address and payment method, in order to place an order.

First download the Natoora NYC Home Deliveries app, click on Sign Up, then add your email address and password. We won't ask for your card details or delivery address when you first set up your account, only when you choose to place your first order. The app is free to use.

Open the app and log in using your email address and password.

On the Natoora Home Deliveries app, click on the 'reset password' link on the login page and follow the instructions.

You are able to update your delivery and payment details within the Account section on the app.

Open the app and within the Personal Information tab, click on DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT. If an order is pending, you will not be able to delete your account. Account deletion will take up to 28 days to take effect. Personal information shall be retained only for as long as is necessary, as required by the law. Once you have deleted your account, you will no longer be able to login or place an order on the app.

Should a customer wish to remove all stored data relating to their account, please contact Natoora on gdpr@natoora.co.uk


Natoora Home Deliveries app

To lock in your delivery slot, you’ll need to add an item to your basket, which will automatically appear in the ORDER tab. Hit the BOOK SLOT button to choose your delivery slot, then PLACE ORDER to confirm.

Type what you’re looking for into the ‘Search’ box at the top. You can be specific or browse more generally by category if you’re looking to be inspired.

Hit ‘Browse’ to see a full list of categories including ‘fruit’, ‘vegetables’, ‘cheese’, ‘charcuterie’ and more, including 'offers' for lines currently on offer or promotion. Tap the category to view the products within.

Hit 'Favorites' to view your previously ordered items and those you have chosen to Favorite.

Products are sold by either UNIT or POUND. Add the item to your basket and use the + and - buttons to select a quantity of a product. Hit the PLACE ORDER button to lock in your delivery and confirm your order.

UNIT - means individual piece, like a single courgette, 1 avocado or 1 bunch of herbs.

LB - means the weight of the item orders. Please bear in mind that some will have a minimum order

The price of each product is displayed next to the ADD button. We provide an estimated price 'est. each' for items purchased by each but priced by the pound. The estimated total of each item is calculated according to average weight. Hit ORDER to see an estimated basket total. You’ll also see an estimated running total under the ORDER button as you shop. You’ll get the exact basket total on your receipt and in the app upon delivery. The delivery fee is visible when you select a slot.

Orders must be placed via the Natoora NYC app but if you have any issues, our Customer Service team is here if you need help. Please email grocerydelivery@natoora.com or call us at 347-927-0319.


Natoora Home Deliveries app

Our seasonal fruit and vegetables come straight from our close community of independent growers, who all prioritize biodiversity, heritage and flavor over yield. We know exactly where all our food is coming from and want to share that knowledge with you. Sign up to our newsletter, which connects you to our growing community. You have the option to sign up when you create an account or you can register at any time here.

On the app, tap on the product to find ingredients, dietary and nutritional information. You can also:

- Read the News feed: bringing you the latest news from our growers and updates on produce.

- Read Features: in depth features that tell you more about the grower, region and variety of our newest lines.

- Look at our Planner: Our planner helps you to see what’s in season, where month by month. It’s divided into Vegetables & Fruit.

Natoora also offers exceptional quality dairy, charcuterie, cheese, oils and store cupboard goods - flour, rice, tinned tomatoes, dried pulses - all sourced straight from independent producers.

We indicate the growing ethos of our fresh produce using the following terms:

MIN - Grown with minimum intervention. Grown in a way where synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and other inputs are kept to a minimum or used as a last resort. This term is broad and covers a wide range of growing practices. It can include produce that follows an organic philosophy, but where certification hasn’t been obtained by the grower.

CONV - Conventionally grown. Grown using intensive practices. We supply this produce as a service. Help us source better by choosing produce that is labeled MIN or HTGE on the app.

WLD - Wild. Found growing naturally in the wild. This produce is grown without human intervention and therefore without inputs; it is exposed to the elements and foraged responsibly. We take pride in looking beyond certifications and labels, and prefer to measure the sustainability of a grower’s practice on an individual basis.

These three terms have their limitations and we are working on a new framework that will provide more granularity on the farming practices of each individual grower. In the meantime, read more about how we source here and sign up to our newsletters or check the app feed for more detailed information on how specific varieties of produce are grown.

Please note that while much of our produce is certified Organic at the farm gate, it is not certified Organic when it reaches you. This is due to operational constraints as a result of USDA regulations rather than to how the produce has been farmed. We would need to follow a set of stringent requirements in order to carry the Organic certification beyond the point of receiving the produce from the farm.

No, any item can be ordered if your address is within our delivery area.

We exist to fix the food system.

People are more cut off from the origins of their food than ever. This makes flavor, nutrition and farming practices that protect the planet, almost impossible to find.

By working directly with growers, we create a more sustainable way forward for farming. By giving everyone the tools to understand the power of our food choices, we empower everybody to become drivers of change.

Now is the time for action. Join the food system revolution.

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Go beyond four seasons

Each fruit and vegetable has its own season, with subtle shifts which happen every day. Follow their microseasons to unlock flavor at every stage.


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Know where your food comes from

We know the name of the person behind everything we source. Recognize their growing artistry to find out exactly where your food comes from (and why that matters).


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Make your diet diverse

Our growers work with varieties chosen for quality and nutrition, not yield. By selecting their crops you keep heritage seeds in play, add to ecosystem biodiversity and preserve unique flavors.


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