The future of food is in our hands.

The way our food is currently being farmed and supplied is damaging to us and to our planet. Our mission is to replace a broken, opaque food system with a transparent and sustainable supply chain.

We source radically seasonal produce that highlights the true cost of farming, protects the land from soil depletion and favours sustainable, nutritionally dense crops with revolutionary flavour.

By working directly with small scale growers as well as developing our own farming projects, we are building a community which works together towards a common goal.

Together we can revolutionise the food system.

Be radically seasonal

By sourcing fruit and vegetables during their real seasonal window, we are bringing back bolder flavours and supporting sustainable farming practices.

Demand real transparency

Only by demanding real transparency from our produce and recognising the artistry of its growers can we create a better food system. We know the seed, soil and season of everything we source.

Seek out revolutionary flavour

We actively seek out heritage varieties, traditional growing methods and unique seeds chosen for their revolutionary flavour.

Our mission is to revolutionize the food system.

In order to shape the future of food for the better, we have completely re-envisioned the supply chain.

Rather than buying blind through wholesalers or centralized markets, we source radically seasonal produce directly from small-scale farmers, maintaining real relationships year in, year out.

We have people on the ground at every point in the supply chain. This gives us unrivalled control over the way we source and full visibility on the impact we're having across the food system.

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radical seasonality

We stand for
radical seasonality

We look beyond four seasons.

Counting over 520 varieties of radically seasonal produce throughout the year, we observe our produce closely on a 365 day basis, recognising the individual season of every fruit & vegetable that we source.

Rather than splitting the year into four, blunt seasons, we track shifts in flavour day by day, using our own terms: Early, Peak and Late.

Representing seasonality accurately - both in the produce that we source and in the ways we talk about it - is fundamental. It not only creates a better understanding of what we should be eating when, but also builds biodiversity back into a food system that is currently reliant on just 4 plants for 60% of our calories.

real transparency

We restore
real transparency

Our supply chain is rooted in real human interactions. We know the seed, soil and season of everything we source, and are fully aware of the farming practices behind our produce.

Rather than looking to certifications, we measure sustainability on an individual basis, grower by grower. Over the years, this level of transparency has enabled us to invest over half a million dollars into farms that we know are moving the food system in the right direction.

flavor first

We put
flavor first

We are relentless in our pursuit of flavor.

High-yield, hybridized varieties, compounded by nutrient-poor soils and intensive farming methods, have dulled our senses for over 50 years.

This is why we spend half the year on the road in the name of flavor, seeking out growers who protect their land, use traditional methods or have been selecting seeds year on year - sometimes for generations - to bring flavor back to our food system.

Flavor not only brings us joy. It also has the power to foster change at a visceral level. By raising expectations and creating demand for better flavor, we are sparking a grassroots movement that can completely transform how food is being farmed at scale.