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The Zerbinati name is synonymous with quality, flavor-first melons. For three generations, they have remained committed to time honored practices, even as their neighbors moved over to crops and intensive production methods that deliver on yield. The family’s resilience has cost them time, resources and energy: it has won them their reputation. From the rough skinned Sun Sweet, smooth Honey Moon — here’s how Oscar packs intense flavor into every bite.

Mineral rich

Oscar Zerbinati’s land is set in Sermide, Mantua. His plot used to be the reservoir of the overflow from the River Po. This has given the soils complex, rich minerals and a high concentration of organic matter.


Although great for storing valuable nutrients, the clay soils also naturally retain water.  Melons are great absorbers of water, naturally seeking it out when available, which dilutes their taste. Oscar skillfully limits water uptake: he covers them with sheeting to protect them from rainwater, and elevates the beds into mounds so any water drains away along the channels. The result — rich, dense flesh teeming with sugars.

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Pushing for flavor at every turn, Oscar thins his melons to less than half the number of conventional growers, even for his Sentinel Watermelon — a variety already known for low yields and thus rarely grown. By thinning his plants, the remaining fruits do not have to compete so tightly for nutrients, allowing each to reach its full flavor potential.


Three generations of experience gives Oscar instinctual knowledge of the perfect time to pick. For the large Sentinel Watermelons, he’s developed a ribbon system, color coding each fruit according to the time of fruit set. Like this, he knows exactly how long each watermelon has had to develop that intense flavor.


Although they need the heat, melons can suffer from long and direct exposure to sun. To prevent them burning, Oscar applies a chalk and gravel based sunscreen, both to the fruits and the leaves — an incredible level of dedication. Beyond the field, he packs each melon into a crate laid with straw, ensuring they travel without damage.

We exist to fix the food system.

People are more cut off from the origins of their food than ever. This makes flavor, nutrition and farming practices that protect the planet, almost impossible to find.

By working directly with growers, we create a more sustainable way forward for farming. By giving everyone the tools to understand the power of our food choices, we empower everybody to become drivers of change.

Now is the time for action. Join the food system revolution.

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