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Courgette salad in serving dish and plates

Photography by Joe Woodhouse

Courgette salad ingredients laid out

Joe Woodhouse is the chef-cum-food photographer whose vegetarian dishes look as good as they taste. An industry icon, Nigella Lawson describes his food as “just wonderful: not fancy or fussy, but just beautiful cooking with care, a-brim with flavor, and joyfully seasonal.” Anna Jones dubs Joe “one of the most inventive vegetable cooks.” Now, we can try his recipes from home with the launch of his new cookbook — Your Daily Veg. This #offthepass and these words are taken straight from the pages:

"A cornerstone of summer and late summer eating. Wonderful finely sliced and eaten raw, grilled or roasted, summer squash is an all-around champion performer. If you find yourself with larger specimens, slice them into quarters along their lengths and then cut out the soft center and seeds. In larger summer squash this tends to be just filled with water and doesn't add anything to the end dish. It’s better to remove this and leave behind the firmer flesh. I love eating younger summer squash raw, sliced in salads or stirred into soups at the last minute for some crunch.

Salads of this nature are a mainstay of my lunch: light, but with enough flavor and substance to carry me through the afternoon. Let the ingredients evolve as the seasons change and based on what you have on hand. Don’t be afraid to swap in other bits of fresh crunchy veg or herbs. This is perfect enjoyed outside in the sun with a glass of white wine to help ease yourself into the afternoon."

SUMMER SQUASH, Butter Bean, Onion & Basil Salad

Serves 2 as a side or 1 as a lunch


1 Tropea onion, or 3 spring onions, sliced very finely into rounds
Good-quality red wine vinegar, to taste
2 small summer squash, finely sliced by hand or on a mandolin – using Grezzina Courgettes here
1 tablespoon capers
20g basil, roughly chopped – using DOP Basil here
3-4 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
325g cooked butter beans
Sea salt flakes
A healthy pinch of chilli flakes, to serve

Sliced tropea onions and courgettes

Photography by Joe Woodhouse

Salad plated up in a serving dish


1. Separate the onion rings in a large mixing bowl. Add a decent slug of the red wine vinegar to take the edge off the onions and slightly temper them.

2. Add the sliced summer squash to the bowl. Add the capers and basil to the bowl, along with the oil and butter beans.

3. Toss to combine, add some salt, check the seasoning and add more salt, vinegar and oil if needed. You are looking for a punchy, well seasoned mixture brought together with a good slick of oil. Arrange in a bowl or serving platter and scatter liberally with chilli flakes to serve.


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