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ProvenanceTorre del Greco, Campania
Produce PortfolioBull's Heart Tomatoes from Vesuvio, Heritage San Marzano and Black Vesuvio Tomatoes, DOP Piennolo del Vesuvio Tomatoes

Raffaele's family has been growing tomatoes in Torre del Greco for generations. They only grow varieties that are typical of the area, using seeds that the family has saved throughout the years; among these is an ancient strain of San Marzano and the DOP Piennolo del Vesuvio.

We originally started working with Raffaele in 2014 buying his incredible Pink Bull’s Heart tomatoes, a prized local variety, grown using a family seed.

After working together for a year he is now growing, exclusively for Natoora, the outstanding Black Bull’s Heart. We entrusted him with the seeds of this incredible variety as we believed the volcanic soil of Torre del Greco and his skill would allow this variety to flourish. This is exactly what happened.

Raffaele grows the Black Bull’s Heart with the same dedication and care he shows for all his other varieties, allowing the tomatoes to ripen on the plant for as long as possible to achieve that beautiful complexity of flavour we look for.