ProvenanceCelle Ligure, Liguria

We started sourcing directly from him for the incredible flavour of his tomatoes and aubergines, owing, in no small part, to the care and dedication in his growing.

Testa, like his father before him, has spent his whole life growing vegetables in a traditional way. Some of the produce we get from him, such as the extraordinary Ligurian Bull’s Heart tomatoes, is grown from seeds saved through the years going back to the time when his father was farming the land. This is a sign of the exceptional commitment and care for the land and the plants, as growing from heritage seeds is a very long term commitment that requires effort and dedication.

His land is only a short distance from the sea; the plants are nurtured both by the rich soil and the breeze that naturally helps to control pests and diseases, as well as the ideal, mild coastal climate. Everything is grown outdoors and strictly harvested by hand on the steep, terraced hills of Celle Ligure.