Natoora Yellow Volpedo Peaches
farming ethosMinimum intervention
Seed TYPEOpen Pollinated
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Volpedo Peaches are renowned for their perfect balance of sweet and tart, fragrant aroma and buttery flesh.


Over the past century, peaches from Volpedo have grown in popularity and are highly prized, owing their fame to both the favourable conditions in which they are grown (a rich soil and mild but very sunny summers) and the skills of the growers, who have specialised in growing peaches, mainly of the yellow cultivars.

The Volpedo growers plant varieties renowned for their flavour, even when these require harvesting several times per tree. This more labour intensive cultivation is typically avoided by large commercial growers, to the detriment of the varieties that they then select.

The growers intensively thin the plants, removing some of the young fruits, to make sure all nutrients and energy are concentrated into the remaining peaches. Left to ripen on the branch until perfectly mature, they very rarely make it to the big markets.

The relatively small production of the Volpedo area is mainly absorbed by the local market and tourist industry of the area. However, by virtue of our relationships with Gianluca, one of the Volpedo growers, we are able to import his fabulous peaches in the UK.

‘People taste our peaches whilst on holiday in Liguria, and from then on ours are the only peaches they want.’ GIANLUCA, OUR YELLOW PEACH GROWER