Natoora Trombetta courgette

Trombetta Courgettes

OUR GROWERMike the Woodman
farming ethosMinimum intervention
Seed TYPEOpen Pollinated
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These, long, curved and thin courgettes have a delicate squash flavour, but what sets them apart is their very peculiar texture: their seedless flesh is dense and crunchy, retaining a good bite even after cooking.


A variety typical of Liguria in Northern Italy, prized for its delicate taste reminiscent of squashes.Unlike other courgettes, the Trombetta’s seeds are found in a small bulb at the end of the vegetable, making the flesh seedless and giving it a uniquely compact, crunchy texture.

For many years we sourced Trombetta courgettes from growers in Liguria, but due to their delicate nature, it does not tend to travel well. As a result, we looked to create a source closer to home and now work with a grower in Essex. This means we can receive the courgettes the same day they are harvested and after only a short journey to reach us.

Similar cultivars are grown all over the Mediterranean and our grower, who is of Cypriot heritage, has great affection for them. He started growing from seeds originally imported from Liguria and each year selects from the plants that have performed best, continually improving his crop as it adapts to the local climate. The courgettes are grown slowly and naturally, maximising the flavour and ensuring the low water content in the flesh that is typically characteristic of this variety.

‘It was the flavour that drew me to them. They are just the sweetest variety. Not to mention their huge, beautiful flowers.’ MIKE THE WOODMAN, OUR TROMBETTA COURGETTE GROWER