Natoora Sun Sweet Melon
OUR GROWEROscar Zerbinati
farming ethosMinimum intervention
GROWING TECHNIQUETunnel and outdoors
Seed TYPEHybrid
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Sun Sweet melons are rough-skinned, with a compact yet buttery flesh. Deep orange in colour, the flesh is also intensely sweet and exudes a rich aroma.


The Sun Sweet is a relatively new variety of Cantaloupe melon characterised by consistently dense, sugar-laden flesh and honeyed flavour. It is grown by the Zerbinati family in Mantua, Northern Italy, an area renowned for its melon growing. The family is one of the most celebrated producers in Italy, sharing Natoora’s belief in putting flavour first.

Each stage of the Sun Sweet Melon growing is carefully managed to maximise flavour:

The plants are sown further apart than usual to give them extra space to grow. They are then watered minimally to ensure the melons are full of natural sugars rather than water. Once starting to bear fruit, the plants are thinned to leave only 3-5 melons per vine, concentrating flavour in the remaining fruit.

After a minimum of 23 days maturation, the melons are harvested and immediately covered in wet wood wool for natural refrigeration and insulation, preventing dramatic - and damaging - temperature fluctuations during their journey to you.

‘Every growing decision we take aims not just at maximising flavour, but at reducing our impact on the environment.’ OSCAR ZERBINATI, OUR SUN SWEET MELON GROWER