Natoora Heirloom tomatoes from Essex
OUR GROWERMike the Woodman
farming ethosMinimum intervention
Seed TYPEOpen Pollinated
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Intensely coloured varieties selected for a deep flavour and balanced acidity.


Grown in Essex from heritage seeds by the very talented Mike the Woodman, these tomatoes can easily stand up to any of the best Italian varieties. Mike gets amazing results by caring for his favourite varieties, among which the impressive Pineapple and Black Russian, by really looking after the soil throughout the year.

During winter, he lets his hens roam free in the greenhouse, providing natural fertilisation and pest control. The compost comes from his mushroom cultivation, so it is rich in nutrients and allows him to grow the tomatoes organically without having to use any other fertiliser.

He doesn’t over water the plants to rush the growing process, and the tomatoes are left to ripen on the plant until he is happy that they are just perfect. Each year, he selects the seeds from the plants that have performed best, to continually improve the variety throughout the years. His standards of what has performed best are based on flavour and not on cosmetic appearance, and for this reason his tomatoes are beautifully knobbly, scarred and imperfect.