With Dan at the helm, Melilot is a collaborative space where chefs, farmers and volunteers come together to take collective and decisive action.

Every one of us brings a different skill and area of expertise to the table - whether it’s our sourcing team’s expertise in crop planning or a chef’s eye for detail - giving us unparalleled insight into growing regeneratively for flavour.


Coming to Melilot from Fera, Dan has not only shaped some of the most renowned kitchens in the country but also rewritten the rules around farming in his pivotal role as the architect of L’Enclume’s farming operation in Cumbria.

A natural polymath, he is not just an incredible chef or a dedicated farmer, but also a skilled researcher, potter, butcher, joiner, brewer, mycologist. Completely self-taught, Dan's expertise is grounded in this singular versatility.

Looking at nature to inform his day to day decisions and committed to always putting the land first, he has set out to forge a radically new dimension for regenerative farming.


With time behind the pass at some of the world’s leading farm to table restaurants, including Faviken and Brae, Rory has spent his career seeking out flavour. He left the running of L’Enclume’s farm to join Dan 2 years ago and is now Head Grower.


Hailing from New Zealand, Tim is an accomplished regenerative pastoralist with an expertise in grassland management. He has many years of experience and learnings from agro-ecological, organic, and regenerative systems, with a focus on restoring soil health.


A trained dressmaker, Claire first turned her hand to permaculture during her years growing alongside her partner Tim Williams in New Zealand, including Kahikatea Farm. Now firmly based in Cornwall, her trials of organic microbial matter are central to the growing plan at Melilot.


A vital member of the farm team, Flash keeps our flock of Jacob, Zwartble and Grey Face Dartmoor cross breeds in check. Loyal to the core, his ideal breakfast is a Row 7 7082 cucumber.


Our farm thrives on a willingness to get stuck in and see things first hand. Chefs from some of the industry’s leading restaurants are volunteering on the farm alongside our own team, solidifying our new vision for regenerative agriculture where there are no dividing lines between the farmer and the end consumer. Volunteers from across our office teams - from sales to brand to customer service - have also been able to learn on the ground by pitching in at the farm.

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Farm Melilot
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