Putting the focus back onto soil health over 120 acres of certified organic land based just outside of St Mellion in Cornwall, we’ve partnered with chef and grower Dan Cox to build a regenerative farm like no other. Taking its name from the sweet clover we use as a cover crop, Melilot is the first Natoora Earthworks farm and is rooted in our commitment to restore soil health and regenerate our ecosystems through responsible farming.

We’re now into our first year of farming together - trialling seeds, testing out new methods and making a conscious effort to recapture carbon in the soil at every turn. Together, we are able to challenge intensive agricultural practices and take risks that other farmers wouldn’t necessarily take on alone. This completely unique, collaborative approach has the power to transform the food system at an unprecedented scale over the coming years.

Farm Crocadon
Farm Crocadon
Farm Crocadon

At Melilot, we are replenishing water cycles and restoring soil health whilst cultivating a diverse variety of nutrient-dense, incredible produce. As well as integrating rare breed sheep and Light Sussex hens into our mixed farming system, we are cover cropping with a biodiverse combination of over 30 pasture plants, making our own compost and using light-treading machinery to avoid compacting the soil as we work the fields.

Melilot is not only dramatically raising the bar on agricultural standards and actively drawing carbon down into the soil, but building demand for phenomenal, responsibly-grown produce that goes way beyond local reach.

Melilot Farm
Franco and Dan

When Dan Cox took on the land in 2017 with the aim of building a regenerative farm, restaurant and brewery, we were intrigued. There was an overwhelming sense of opportunity to do something different. He had built all the infrastructure from scratch and farmed for three years, restoring the soil with cover crops and livestock while also bringing in chefs, potters, woodworkers and volunteers to help bring his vision for a working farm to life.

Building on the foundations set down by Dan, we decided to join forces and define a new, collaborative way of farming that would dramatically accelerate what he had started. Collaborating on seeds and evolving the project into a scalable framework for the future, Melilot became the first Natoora Earthworks farm.

"It’s a whole new level of collaboration that has never been seen before and has the power to totally transform the way we connect with the food on our plate.”

- Dan Cox -


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