Senior Customer Account Manager

Full-time, based in our Melbourne office.


Your responsibilities will include:

  • Work with and help onboard a diverse range of customers by replying to incoming requests, following leads and utilizing networking opportunities.
  • Develop and improve relationships with existing customers. You will need to be comfortable talking about produce in busy kitchens with even busier chefs.
  • Updating kitchens on produce coming in and out of season.
  • Overseeing customer orders as well as helping to manage their expectations. Our customers can be very demanding; we need to be able to supply a service to match their expectations.
  • Potential to manage a team of 4+ account managers.
  • Running weekly sales meetings and keeping the sales team on-track.
  • Reporting. Weekly and monthly reports to develop a curated sales strategy.
  • Rectify mistakes when they happen. You will need to resolve them as quickly as possible. Chefs are short of time and we want them to have confidence in our ability to solve their problems, whatever the time of day.
  • Being available to respond to calls, messages and emails in a timely manner.
  • Have second-to-none relationship-building skills and excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to adapt to different styles and situations. You will spend many hours in busy kitchens.
  • Ability to manage sales-oriented staff.
  • Demonstrate a passion for seasonal produce, our growers and the restaurants we supply.
  • Motivated by driving sales, extending our reach and delivering excellent customer service.
  • Be outgoing. A friendly and professional personality with plenty of enthusiasm to make every day productive.
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of Melbourne’s food scene - new openings, events, social media, guest chefs and collaborations
  • Network. Make connections. Going to events, festivals and meals while representing Natoora.
  • Able to make themselves available to help customers out-of-office hours or find out who can.
  • Be a problem solver and take initiative.
  • Demonstrate commercial acumen.
  • Strong learning agility.
  • Proficient IT skills, with Excel and G-Suite experience a bonus.
  • Staff discount on goods from our warehouse.
  • A competitive salary and performance incentives, excellent training and the opportunity to progress your career.
  • Centrally located office and warehouse space, accessible by public transportation.
  • A budget for eating out with our clients.
  • A mobile phone plan and laptop.

Natoora is a company driven by flavour. We supply chefs and restaurants with seasonal produce and pantry essentials, sourced directly from soil-focused farms, experienced foragers and artisan producers. We celebrate food and the growers behind it. Together, we are committed to revolutionizing the food system.

In 2004, Natoora started transforming the food system by sourcing radically seasonal produce from small-scale, European growers. Soon, we became the go-to supplier in London for flavour-focused chefs. Since then we have set up in New York, Paris, Copenhagen and Melbourne, building supply chains that empower everyone involved, be it grower, chef or consumer.

The way that food is farmed, supplied and eaten is a threat to our health and our planet. We actively seek to re-educate the way individuals think about and consume fruit and vegetables. Our goal is to create a more meaningful and responsible food system that preserves seed varieties, growing techniques and traditions that are threatened by modern industrial farming and supermarket culture.

As Natoora Melbourne, we are creating links between agroecological growers, producers and Melbourne’s most flavour-driven chefs, building a community which works towards a common goal.

In 2022, we moved into our Collingwood warehouse, located in the epicentre of Melbourne’s food scene.

Join our food system revolution.

Send us your resume and cover letter, and tell us why you want to join the team.


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We exist to fix the food system.

People are more cut off from the origins of their food than ever. This makes flavor, nutrition and farming practices that protect the planet, almost impossible to find.

By working directly with growers, we create a more sustainable way forward for farming. By giving everyone the tools to understand the power of our food choices, we empower everybody to become drivers of change.

Now is the time for action. Join the food system revolution.

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Go beyond four seasons

Each fruit and vegetable has its own season, with subtle shifts which happen every day. Follow their microseasons to unlock flavor at every stage.


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Know where your food comes from

We know the name of the person behind everything we source. Recognize their growing artistry to find out exactly where your food comes from (and why that matters).


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Make your diet diverse

Our growers work with varieties chosen for quality and nutrition, not yield. By selecting their crops you keep heritage seeds in play, add to ecosystem biodiversity and preserve unique flavors.


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