We work with growers that share our philosophy of prioritising flavour in their growing, and we have a unique ability to build relationships based on trust and a common vision. It takes time, patience, tireless commitment and a wealth of expertise to achieve the fullest sensory experience.

From Yorkshire and Cornwall in the UK to the southern tip of the Sicilian coast in Italy, our producers span a wide area of the European continent. What unites them is their commitment to growing for flavour.

We trust our producers to grow as they know best, using hard-earned knowledge and care for the land. For some, this knowledge has been gained from generations-long farming of the same vegetable, as it is with the Tomlinsons and the Yorkshire Rhubarb they grow. Others, like Mike the Woodman, have dedicated their life’s work to one particular cultivar, saving seeds year-on-year to perfect the resulting crop.

Here are profiles of just a few of the growers we work with.