Fruit & vegetables are at the core of everything we do. Since 2009, the company has transformed itself from a small e-commerce company to a well-established wholesaler, supplying over 400 of the best restaurants, caterers and pubs in and around London with their produce.

Our first customer was the River Café. Unable to find local wholesalers selling the specific varieties or quality of fruits & vegetables with the flavour they knew was out there came to us and asked to bring produce from the market in Milan. We quickly moved to buying for other clients and as the business took off, our reputation spread.

Competitive pricing

Open 361 days of the year, including Bank Holidays

Two deliveries a day, seven days a week for all London customers*

From its early days Natoora wholesale has operated differently to conventional suppliers. We have never operated out of the markets in London. Our sourcing goes much deeper into the countries where we buy. We have built a network of growers across the UK, France, Italy and Spain who inherently understand the needs of our business and more importantly our customers. This is more complex from a logistical perspective but it allows us to have much greater control over the produce that we source and sell.

A direct benefit of this has been our ability to introduce more niche products to our customers. Natoora was the first restaurant wholesaler to bring Bergamots over from Italy. These special citrus fruits used to be the preserve of the fragrance industry.

They are now commonplace on London menus. More recently we have started introducing green mandarins from Sicily into the restaurant market. Similar to the bergamots, they are prized for their aromatic zest and versatility in the kitchen through our relationship with one of our citrus suppliers we were able to have some of the fruit harvested early and exclusively supplied to us.

In the UK we have helped set up the Good Earth Growers, a Cornish cooperative. where together with the growers we plan new crops in order to help chefs with menu innovation. In addition to mainstay produce, they grow an amazing variety of rare herbs, cresses and flowers.

Our initial growth was based on these niche products, but as we have grown so has the need to provide a complete range of produce to our customers. We may talk more about Bergamots, Laeticia vine tomatoes and Essex Trombetta courgettes but, we are equally proud of our ability to supply basics at extremely competitive prices and are supplier of lemons and limes to one of the major pub groups for their bars.

Our extensive range also includes Italian, French and Spanish cheeses and charcuterie, each product carefully sourced for outstanding quality. We also supply a wide range of fresh pasta, made every day on our premises with top quality ingredients, as well as a small selection of ambient products including Cantabrian anchovies, organic Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, single source Basmati rice, Original Beans chocolate and many more.

As well as innovating with our supply chain we have done the same with our operations. With our beginnings as an online business, technology has always played an important role in the growth of the company.

We are currently testing a wholesale delivery app with the aim of having paperless deliveries. It will allow chefs to make live changes to their invoices at the point of delivery, saving valuable time chasing credits.

If you would like to learn more about how we work or open an account with us, we’d love to hear from you.